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Worship Services

Please note that St. Anne's regular service time is 9:15 am.  There will be an 8:00 am Book of Common Prayer service on the first Sunday of each month. For March, the service will be held on the 5th of the month.  An additional BCP service will take place on the second Wednesday of each month at 11am. 

Worship services will not be recorded as we search for another videographer. Updates will be posted as soon as new arrangements are made. Please check our Facebook page for live streaming of services in the near future.

Masks will continue to be required while in motion and may be removed while in your pew until further notice.  We have reintroduced the Cup at the Eucharist. As always, the decision to take the wine is entirely at your discretion.

FORTH @ 4pm: Every fourth Sunday at 4pm

A 30 minute informal time of worship. Through the vehicles of scripture and song, we will spend some moments with one another entering in the readings and their message to us.

Continue to pray for all those impacted by the virus and its ripple effect on work and home lives.

Please continue to keep in touch and pray for one another as we navigate these challenging and uncertain times together. Please do not hesitate to be in touch as needed.

Yours in Christ,
Canon Val and the Wardens of St Anne's

Please note that unless otherwise noted, sermons are preached by St. Anne's incumbent rector, Reverend Canon Valerie Kenyon.  Visit our Sermon Archive for previous recordings of sermons and services.

The Book of Alternative Services may be accessed in pdf format pdf for use during the services.Scripture readings for today may be found at:

Sunday Take Away for March 12, 2023
This Sunday we meet the woman at the well and read about her encounter with Jesus under a hot
noonday sun. Divine encounters ...all of us are looking for them, that’s why we continue to come to church week after week, that is why we continue to read, to pray, to learn and to grow as disciples of Jesus. Where is our point of encounter with Jesus? Usually, Christ comes to us in these places where we are most parched; he comes to us with the promise of living water. Can we let ourselves be filled with this living water? Can we risk letting it seep or maybe even flood into those places of powerlessness we feel in our own lives? Can we dare to let go of that thirst that has become so familiar to us? Can
we believe that we can be satisfied? Can we let ourselves be loved? So many questions, just how will we answer them?

Sunday Take Away for March 5, 2023
Do you ever feel like you’re asked to step out into something entirely new, something that if it works
will have great benefit, but if it doesn’t will leave you worse off than if you had never ventured out... something that while it has the potential to set our hearts ablaze, also almost simultaneously has the ability to fire up all our anxieties? Aren’t we getting too old for this? Isn’t it time to take our ease after a life full of adventures? On Sunday we’ll hear that that wasn’t what God had for Abraham, Sarah, or Nicodemus. Is there something new, something perhaps even a bit risky that God is calling us to today

Sunday Take Away for February 26, 2023
It is in the seeming indifference of a desert that we can discover a healing power. It is in our desert experiences that we can experience a growing awareness of our hunger for depth and meaning, for that meaningful engagement with ourselves and others that will require a radical self-honesty and transparency of heart.Sr. Doreen, SSJD
Where is my hunger this Lent and what am I willing to risk to discover God’s healing power?

Sunday Take Away for February 12, 2023
In Sunday’s reading Moses reminds us of our choices ... choose life and blessings or death and curses. Choosing life seems the obvious choice. Why can it be so challenging? Why is it we are so easily seduced by the empty promises of a way outside of God’s way? There are a million answers and no good ones. In the end, we lean into the reality of our God as a God full of mercy and loving kindness. What does that look like for you in this particular moment of your life?

Sunday Take Away - January 22:
This Sunday’s readings will ask us to consider together, just how it is we are to respond in the places to which God has called us. We begin by looking at our gifts. What comes easily to us? Where are our interests and passions? Where do we shine with seemingly little effort? The practical... nurturing, caring, leadership in different areas, gifts of faith in difficult times, hospitality, showing mercy, teaching, just to name a few. We are all called to use these wherever we find ourselves, For, the heart of God yearns to touch the world ... through us. How is God speaking to you today about your gifts and sharing them with the world around you?

Sunday Take Away - January 15:
Our readings this Sunday are challenging us, as readings often do. How available are we making ourselves to hear and see what God is doing around us? Are we putting ourselves in God’s way? Are we willing to be open, are we willing to be transformed, are we willing to be used by God? That is the question ... that is always the question. It remains only for us to consider just how will we answer these challenges? Burnt offerings and sin offerings, are part of an older way a now out-dated way the Psalmist says, but Jesus’ way is all about the transformation of our hearts! What does this look like in my life? What could this look like in my life?

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