Alan C. Shepherd

The window in memory of Alan C. Shepherd was installed in 1976, given by his family. The inscription reads "For I Have Given You An Example."

The theme of the window is Service, thought to be appropriate in view of the life of humble Christian service rendered by this dearly-loved, man. The Biblical theme shows Christ washing the feet of His disciples at the Last Supper. The border contains the cardinal, wild rose, the trillium and dogwood. The ventilator section of the window has in the centre the crest of St. Anne's with a closed black-bound Bible to one side, and a Prayer Book in its red colour on the other side. The books are meant to suggest the working tools of the Layreader in the Church in recognition of the office which Al Shepherd held for many devoted years.

The window was designed by and the glass parts made by G. Maile of Canterbury, England.  Edward Glass Company Limited of London, Ontario, Canada assembled and installed the window.

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