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Come and join us in celebrating and living out our life of faith and help spread the word of God!
St. Anne's actively reaches out to the community around us and beyond our borders. Keep up to date on our activities and missions by checking out our event calendar and newsletter for updates. Use our Contact us form to connect, ask questions, or to check out what is happening with any particular activity.

Do you like to sing? Our choir is always open to more willing voices under the direction of our Minister of Music. No audition necessary.

Fun in the kitchen is clearly evident with our Heavenly Pie folks who would love to have you join in making pies of all sorts.

Or do you prefer to work behind the scenes, getting the church ready for worship services? Maybe learning to quilt would be of interest to you?

Hunger is a real challenge these days and you could help by participating in a group that serves food in a community food program. We regularly assist by serving dinner at St. John the Evangelist to individuals and families looking for a meal.  

If gardening is your strength or you simply want to enjoy some time outdoors,we could use your help in our garden and small greenhouse where we grow food for the Byron Cares Foodbank. Or you could help keep our pollination garden in great shape to feed those butterflies and bees that drop by.


Anglican Church Women (ACW)
Work and fun are not opposites! Join one or more of our very diverse activities under the banner of the Anglican Church Women (A.C.W.)

Founded circa 1832 and incorporated as an Anglican Cemetery in 1853, St. Anne’s Cemetery has a long history of serving the Byron community.

Children and Youth Ministry
It is never too early to start building a foundation of faith. Come join us.  Volunteers are most welcome as the Sunday School needs your help to share this ministry to our children. It is easier than you think! We are currently seeking candidates for our Children and Youth Minister - submission deadline - February 17, 2023

St. Anne’s Library/Resource Centre is open a few hours on both Sundays and Mondays. Deepen your faith, educate yourself on various topics of interest or simply be entertained with our selection of books, DVDs and magazines.

St. Anne's volunteers support ministry and activities with their time and experience in many ways. In reviewing both our finances and our ministry activites, our 2023 resources were spent in the following ways. Our ministry volunteers totaled almost 15,000 hours in 2023.

  • Worship; all things related to church worship services
    20% of budget; 2,050 hours
  • Taking care of each other (Pastoral Care); providing spiritual care in various forms to those who are facing physical or spiritual challenges, maintaining relationships in different ways as is done at coffee time or around food
    6% of budget; 1,474 hours
  • Reaching out (Vision/Outreach); engaging those in the church with those outside the church to help meet physical or spiritual needs, such as in growing food, providing financial support to various organizations or people
    27% of budget; 3,266 hours
  • Learning/Growing in our faith (Discipleship, Continuing Education); Getting to know God and his people better to become closer to Him including reading, discussing faith issues, group and individual learning
    9% of budget; 1,466 hours
  • Running the church (Leadership, Administration): All about leading or administering the church with financial, physical and human resources and, of course, meetings.
    38% of budget; 6,606 hours

Use our Contact us form to connect and join in.



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